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Make Your Computer Run Faster – Step by Step

How to Make Your Computer Run Faster

First, there are two ways to make your computer run faster: hardware and software. Including upgrading and adding hardware to promote a new component to the computer to increase its speed and performance. Typical upgrades include installing more memory, buy a better motherboard or getting a better processor.

Software optimization, on the other hand, do not buy anything, you only need to optimize and fine tune your software setup and installation, to make your computer run faster. Here are a few ways to achieve this type of optimization.

1. Uninstall unwanted applications – in the course of the life of your computer you may have installed a bevy of applications, many of which are not necessary. If so, then it is time to get rid of them. This will make your computer run faster and more efficient.

The experience of starting off your uninstall menu and look forward to your applications no longer need. These programs usually have their own uninstall program will remove all files and services, they may have installed.

Most applications install the application, not only eat up disk space, but precious RAM. When your computer starts, the program starts over and eat valuable processor time, and.

Some programs do not own uninstall program. You may need to use a custom uninstall application to delete these files from your computer. Ensure that these applications at the same time remove the programs and supporting files are packaged. Also make sure the registry entry for this application has also been removed.

2. Defrag at all costs – Defragmenter to run regularly. Hard disk data can not be stored in a continuous way. This means that when your hard disk to read data, it has jump-to-disk real estate, government departments just to get the entire contents of a file.

If your data is located in a row, then this problem can be avoided, saving valuable hard disk read time. As a result of this effort, your computer may experience a faster disk read and improve computer speed from 30% to 100%.

3. Check for viruses – antivirus software easy to install, to help eliminate those nasty code, could seriously endanger data security, integrity, and slow down your computer at the same time. Good computer usually infested ground to stop the use of malicious code and misuse of valuable computer resources.

There are many antiviral drugs around, in addition to installation, to prevent transmission of viruses by ensuring that only removable media is from the authentication source. Also, please note that you visit the site, because they may contain malicious code online.

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