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What is Type & Use Steam Cleaning?

Steam Cleaning involves using steam for cleaning. A steam cleaner is a device which creates gaseous vaporing from water through heating. The result is more commonly called steam, and it can be used on an assortment of surfaces, including those which are not normally water safe. Steam Cleaners have many uses around the home, garden, car, utility vehicle and mobile homes on all types of surfaces including cleaning.

There are two types of steam cleaners; traditional steam cleaners, and vapor steam cleaners.

Traditional steam cleaners
The traditional steam cleaners include a boiler, container, hose and brushes, and use warm water to make the surface clean. They are used to clean floors only. The warm water is spread on the dirty surface, and then the revolving brushes scrub the surface and collect the dirty water into a container. Some cleaners need cleaning agents to remove stains, but mostly rely on steam and brushes to perform this process.

Vapor steam cleaners
Vapor steam cleaners include a container with a heater, a hose and a nozzle. Water is boiled in the tank to produce dry steam. This dry steam is thrown onto the dirty surface via a hose and nozzle. The steam helps in loosening the dirt and stains on the surface. The surface is then cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner.
Moisture content is only 6% in the vapor steam cleaner, so the surface will dry as soon as it is cleaned. Any heat resistant surface can be washed by a vapor steam cleaner. It is generally used by people who are allergic to chemicals.

Then there are steam cleaners made specifically to clean carpets. Instead of using steam, they use hot water to clean the carpet. After wetting the carpet, brushes in the steamer scrub it, and unclean water is sucked back into the container. The use of an air conditioner at the same time is good, as it eliminates humidity from the air, and the carpet gets dried quickly. Once the carpet is dry, make sure that it is then vacuumed so it is cleaned properly.

Steam cleaners can have an inbuilt water container or they can have a constant water supply. The latter is more convenient, as you will not need to fill the tank again and again.

There are many options for steam cleaning systems on the market today, truthfully I am not convinced it is worth the expense overall. But steam cleaners tend to be a great deal more expensive, You can get various models of steam cleaners. Before purchasing, you should look for boiler capacity, its attachments, warranty and user manual etc. It is also important that you go through all the manufacture instructions before using your stream cleaner.

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