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Carpet Cleaning Supplies

Carpet Cleaning Supplies

Carpet Cleaning Supplies

Carpet Cleaning Supplies

Generally, surface cleaning using a vacuum cleaner is recommended once a week and deep cleaning is recommended once a year. However, if there is a lot of foot traffic on the carpet, there are pets in the household, and the carpet is located near a source of constant dust, it is a good idea to surface clean and deep clean more frequently.

There are many carpet cleaning supplies available, backed by powerful advertising. Therefore, it is important to be caution when buying supplies. Look for supplies that tackle specific problems in a particular carpet, or supplies for general cleaning and maintenance.. Always choose supplies that are least harmful for carpets as well as those using those supplies.

There are mainly two kinds of supplies; liquid-based or powder-based. Within both categories, some are meant for stain removal, some are used as disinfectants, others for absorbing moisture, and finally for general cleaning. While deciding which stain removal product to use, focus on the type of stain and select a product accordingly. There are supplies that effectively remove liquid stains, such as coffee and those that specialize in pet stains.

Whether you choose a liquid or powder-based product will depend on the kind of stain. One that is caused by a liquid, but dries up and has a hard surface, can be brushed off after sprinkling a powder-based stain remover. A stain that is caused by a liquid but does not have a hard surface after it dries up will need to be treated with a liquid-based stain remover. There are some powder-based stain removers that can absorb liquids that have caused a stain, but these can be used when the stain, and, therefore, the liquid that has caused it, is still wet.

For general cleaning, select a product based on the kind of dirt to be cleaned. If a carpet is dirty mainly because of dust and dry pollutants, a powder-based cleaning supply can be used. However, if a carpet is dirty because of dust, dry pollutants and any kind of moisture, a liquid-based supply will be a better choice. Sometimes, there might be clean moisture in a clean carpet. For example, a clean water spills on a clean carpet. In such situations, a powder-based product, which acts as an absorbent can be an effective solution.

If you need a product to clean as well as disinfect, be careful about how it smells and how it feels. Those who use the carpet might be allergic to either or both, especially if they are in the vicinity when the cleaner is being used or cleaning carpet should be left to the professionals. The carpet cleaners at stores are not as high powered as the ones professional carpet cleaners use. Your carpet will be cleaner and in better shape, without water and soap residue, if someone who knows what they are doing cleans your carpet. Your carpet will thank you by lasting for years to come.

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