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The Right Laminate Flooring Care Is Critical

The Right Laminate Flooring Care Is Critical

Laminate Flooring Care

Laminate Flooring Care

Laminate floor care and maintenance starts with proper installation. If you will be installing your laminate floor over a concrete sub floor then you will want to make sure that you install a vapor shield before you lay down the underlayment material. If you will be installing your laminate floor on top of existing flooring or plywood, you will want to make sure that the sub floor is level. If you try installing the laminate flooring over an uneven surface you can cause the planks to crack or break.

As you stand there and admire your newly installed laminate floor you may not even be thinking about proper laminate flooring care. Even though its a boring task with little excitement, cleaning your new floor has to be done. Proper Laminate flooring Care can mean the difference between a floor that shines and fills your home with elegance and beauty or a dull scratched floor that looks terrible and detracts from the overall look of your home. You may feel like you just installed a maintenance intensive item in your home, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact proper laminate flooring care can be accomplished in the same time it takes to vacuum carpeting!

To start with you should know that you should always avoid water and harsh cleaners for your floor. The use of water can cause your floor to swell and buckle if allowed to get between the flooring planks. The use of chemicals not made for laminate flooring will damage your floors top coatings and sealers. Once a floors top coating has been damaged the door for more damage is opened and that door is hard to close.

Now that the wrong cleaners for your floor have been identified what are the right ones? Recently many companies have introduced laminate floor dry mops that use soft pads that collect the loose dirt and dust from your floor with out throwing it around like a regular broom does. By using this type of mop every 2-3 days you can keep your floor pretty much dust free.

Although to be really shiny your laminate flooring care regimen needs a way to shine the floor as well. You can do this with any store bought laminate flooring cleaner or you can make your own from a simple vinegar and water mix. Whatever floor cleaner you use be sure and avoid over saturation that could damage the floor. To avoid over saturation any type of liquid cleaner should be applied with hand towel and dried after application.

Wipe clean with a broom or vacuum cleaner to keep the floor dry. Cloth dipped in acid and alkali neutral soap (not detergent), Bydgoszcz dry cloth and wipe with a dry cloth, wipe again. Do not use abrasive materials or a combination cleaner polish base Sealy stain that can not be wiped out “HARO” Laminate Glue and Stain Remover has been wiped out.

Although boring the proper laminate flooring care will go a long way to insure your laminate floor lasts many years past it warranty period and always looks beautiful and shines bright!

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